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Butterfly Wreath Pillow Funeral Flowers

This beautiful Butterfly shaped-floral wreath tribute is available in many different sizes & colours. Please just enter your colour requirements in the text box. The Butterfly shaped-floral wreath tribute is made up of lines of seasonal flowers including roses, carnations and xanths, We also spray a dusting of glitter, so the butterfly has a shimmering effect. 

Classic Traditional Cushion Funeral Flowers

This is a more square design similar to the Traditional Pillow, cushions are available in 4 sizes.  we can do a pleated ribbon edge of your choice with a matching cluster in the corner of the cushion. The clusters are a mixture of seasonal blooms  which may include roses freesias and carnations.

Classic Traditional Pillow Funeral Flowers

The Traditional pillow is the more rectangular shape, This is  available on a white white base (double white chrysandthemum flower) with a choice of colour ribbon edging with a matching cluster. They are available in four sizes, all based in a white chrysanthemum with a cluster in the corner of the pillow to match the ribbon edging of your choice. the cluster will be a mix of seasonal blooms,  which may include roses, carnations and freesias.

Open Book Tribute Funeral Flowers

The Open book tribute is beautifully designed  traditional open book/bible shape floral arrangement. This is available in one size, classic white base with ribbon and cluster colour of your choice. It is based in white double xanths and the cluster includes seasonal flowers in your chosen shade. Please enter your chosen colours and optional personalised message in the text boxes.

Raised  Contemporary Cushion Funeral Flowers

This wonderfully hand crafted cushion is made with a modern twist on the classic design, this raised contemporary cushion is a mixed flower design with different colour sections of mixed flowers. These flowers include roses, statice and carnations. The contemporary cushion shown here is a mixed selection of vibrant colours, but we can do other colours of your choice.Please enter your colour choices in the required text box.